Feb 20, 2011

I would hate having the image of beeing a depressed angry teenager - but sometimes you've just had enough of doing all the right things in order to be "cool". Who cares weather or not the coffee you'r drinking is from Starbucks anyways?

Our friends, our school, our homework, our connections, our shopping, our bank, our cinema, our fotoalbum, our life, our world - our everything!

I think perhaps I live in the wrong time period

heh good one

Bill Cunningham New York : The Trailer

Feb 16, 2011

I'm gonna eat at Mash on Thursday, 
and OMG their menu reminds me so much of what they're eating in Mad Men, and the whole lifestyle they live in generel. 
(Which by the way, should come as no surprise, since Mash is a traditional american steakhouse - but anyways!) 
Think I'm gonna dress up, as a reincarnated american woman from the 60ies. 

and p.s. how sad we aren't allowed to smoke inside the restaurent,
that would have been the best! 

Feb 15, 2011

He's gonna be a great king someday

When you look at your reflection,
do you love who you've become?